1st Merchant Funding now delivers funding to merchants that accept Square. Apply today through the PowerForce® BankConnect platform!

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1st Merchant Funding, a leading Small Business Funding provider, has begun funding small businesses that accept Square. Founded in 2007, 1st Merchant Funding has established a reputation as a leading Merchant Cash Advance provider. With offices in Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and the United Kingdom, our team has provided over $150 million of immediate working capital to thousands of small- to mid-sized businesses around the country.

1st Merchant Funding is the first company to offer funding to small business owners on the basis of payments accepted through Square. By aggregating Square transactional data via 1st Merchant Funding’s proprietary PowerForce® platform, we are able to issue instant decisions and fund Small Businesses accepting Square – in under 24 hours.  “Enabling Small Business owners to access capital through a simple, painless process that incorporates data driven decisions is what sets 1st Merchant Funding apart from its competition,” says Levi Rosenblum, 1st Merchant Funding’s Founder and CEO.  “Our platform has consistently proven to be the most reliable platform in the Small Business Funding arena, with the longest track record of successfully aggregating millions of data-sets since 2006 adds Rosenblum. With the PowerForce® BankConnect platform and Square transactional data, 1st Merchant Funding is now able to serve millions of business owners who accept Square payments on the go. It’s fast, easy, and efficient.

1st Merchant Funding’s parent company, Sabra Interactive, Inc. (SI), serves as gatekeeper for PowerForce®, the proprietary, industry leading financial technology platform that provides business owners, financial institutions, and independent sales organizations with the innovative daily cash flow information and insights they rely on to manage operations in real time.

PowerForce® data modeling services is the ultimate platform for SMB Lending, SMB Underwriting, Payment Processing and Acquiring. Integrating with merchants, Independent Sales Organizations, 10,000+ financial institutions, and the nation’s leading payment providers, PowerForce® provides access to the daily remittance platform and a multitude of SMB finance products and services, through 1st Merchant Funding.

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