Amazon Sellers Receive Capital from 1st Merchant Funding in Time for Holidays!

Posted Tuesday, November 25 2014 by admin

1st Merchant Funding announces today Amazon Sellers generating over $25,000 a month in sales and a track record with Amazon can qualify to receive up to $250,000 in as fast as 1 business day. “We ran this program in beta over the recent years and had the opportunity of working with select Amazon Sellers. Today 1st Merchant Funding is proud to announce that capital will be made widely available to Amazon Sellers” said Founder and Chairman, Levi Rosenblum.

The average funding size Sellers on Amazon received from 1st Merchant Funding is $82,000. That represents greater than 115% the average funding size a Small Business qualifies for at 1st Merchant Funding.

1st Merchant Funding can approve businesses that other lenders and banks can not. We recognize you can’t really judge a business based on the personal credit score of an owner. In fact 1st Merchant Funding disrupted the entire industry in February 2009, being the very first company to make credit scores an obsolete and non determining factor for Small Businesses owners applying for capital. Approvals are based on the performance of the business cash flow, and not just personal credit scores. This very concept opened an untapped void in the marketplace currently exceeding $3 billion dollars a year.

In 2011 1st Merchant Funding was named #94 in INC 500s fastest growing companies in the country. We know what Small Business owners go through and the challenges of getting a small business loan from the bank. Small Business owners recognize 1st Merchant Funding for being the pioneers in taking the risk on Small Businesses while our competitors, banks, and credit unions looked at small business owners as a number.

Through PowerForce® we are able to provide Small Business owners immediate access to capital to take advantage of a great deal on inventory or equipment or launch a marketing campaign to help grow your business quickly and efficiently. “With the PowerForce® technology we are able to reduce a significant amount of overhead cost and pass savings on to the Small Business owners” said Rosenblum. 1st Merchant Funding is currently the exclusive licensee the PowerForce® SMB platform, a proprietary technology most known for it’s elite reputation in the Small Business Loan and Merchant Cash Advance sector.

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