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Posted Tuesday, August 16 2011 by admin

People will always love wining and dining even in a fragile economy.  On a national level, the latest statistics on the restaurant industry have been more optimistic than not, with about 7,700 eating and drinking establishments added in 2010.  These numbers reveal that even in this dour fiscal time, small businesses are continuing to operate and provide food, beverage and entertainment to the public.

New York led the way, adding 1,714 new food and beverage locations, followed by Boston with 345 and Chicago coming in third with 318. The complete list can be viewed here.

Restaurants are the leading small business industry and many restaurateurs have had tough times in this roller coaster of an economy.  As traditional lending slowly evaporates, many small businesses have been forced to look elsewhere for financing. Many new restaurants are looking for small business bad credit loan alternatives to help kick-start their business. New small business owners and entrepreneurs face many hurdles en route to business success, with working capital being the hardest to overcome.

Unsecured business loan alternatives have become available and are offered to small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to start, secure and build their businesses. Poor credit business loan alternatives are becoming more popular, as Merchant Cash Advance providers offer options for businesses to sell their future credit card receivables at a discount in return for working capital.

These low credit business loan alternatives nourish and allow these small businesses to use the capital to increase inventory, refurbish, add locations and more.

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