Getting to Know 1st Merchant Funding: Levi Rosenblum

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Levi Rosenblum, CEO and Founder of 1st Merchant Funding, knew from a young age that there was something special about small businesses. Founded in 2007, 1st Merchant Funding strives to provide small business owners with a fast and easy way to obtain working capital to further their business’ growth.  With 1st Merchant Funding your business can get the extra financial help it needs for better marketing, technology upgrades and general expansion. 1st Merchant Funding believes in your business – do you?

Get to know Levi Rosenblum and 1st Merchant Funding a bit better:

Why did you personally want to start 1st Merchant Funding?

From a young age I always admired small businesses. How they work and operate with continuous innovation was something that always peaked my interest. As a kid, you would find me constantly creating business models and then executing on the models that made it to the top of my list.

As an entrepreneur and successful operator in a vast amount of industries, it was a dream for me to one day build a company that analyzes the needs of small businesses and help business owners expand operations, increase inventory, open additional locations, advance the cost of marketing, fund technology upgrades and more.

In your own words, what does 1st Merchant Funding offer clients?

We provide working capital to businesses nationwide in as quick as 2 business days.

What sets 1st Merchant Funding apart from similar cash advance competitors?

Allowing small business owners to benefit and take advantage of a full spectrum of options designed specifically for their business, such as product innovation and technology advances, is what distinguishes us from competitors. We’re known best for our leading our industry through innovation. In February 2009, when the merchant cash advance industry continued to experience declines, we launched the industries first ‘Starter Advance Program’ and said YES to over 95% of our industries declines. The starter program went on to be the industries most successful funding product since it’s inception.

There are more Starter Advance products funded by the MCA industry today than any other funding product our industry has ever seen. The concept was simple. Instead of declining a business with increased risk, we mitigated that risk by qualifying the business for less capital, and allowed them to graduate in steps. The industry thought we lost our mind. Today the Starter Advance program is now offered by the majority of merchant cash advance providers in the MCA industry.

Why should a small business owner go with 1st Merchant Funding?

When working with 1st Merchant, we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround, excellent rates, no restrictions on use of funds, proprietary technology for small business owners to manage insights and pulse on their businesses daily performance and superior customer service.

What types of businesses can benefit from 1st Merchant Funding?

We cater to almost all types as long as your business has been up and running for at least 2 months. Restaurants, QSR, food & beverage, hotels/motels, doctors, medical facilities, manufacturing, salons, department stores, opticians, pet stores, sporting goods, and even misc. retail.

What is the most rewarding part of seeing small businesses succeed with 1st Merchant?

I love being able to help businesses grow despite the current economic climate. Seeing small businesses succeed is truly my passion!

Want more information on how 1st Merchant Funding can help to grow your business? Give us a call: 866-710-BANK (2265)

Levi Rosenblum, CEO and Founder of 1st Merchant Funding

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