How to Borrow Money Without Destroying Relationships

Posted Thursday, August 11 2011 by admin

Wouldn’t it be amazing if money grew on trees? The reality is, that it doesn’t, and in this current economy working capital is hard to obtain for small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs. With limited options available for funds, people may have to turn to close friends and relatives and request loans for their start-ups, businesses and ideas.

The question must be asked; are family and friends the answer to financing your business ideas? It can get very tricky and awkward at times when family is involved in business ventures. Perhaps at first glance it seems the most sensible thing to do, ask family or a friend when in need, but this is not always the answer.

Asking family or friends for working capital has potential harmful consequences to family unity and loyal friendships. Relationships can be tarnished, comradeship lost and a general sour atmosphere among friends and family. Taking this route must be done with the utmost precaution, sensitivity and prudence.

With many issues at stake, asking family or friends for working capital for your business in my opinion is not a healthy choice.

There are other options, in which small business owners and entrepreneurs can pursue in obtaining working capital for their business. Unsecured business loan alternatives give businesses with poor credit scores or who are new to the business scene an opportunity to obtain financing for their business ventures. Theses bad credit business loan alternatives are available to beef up a business and put them on the map.

These poor credit business loan alternatives will not get in the way of family ties and friendships. They are no credit check business loan alternatives, intended to assist a business by providing ongoing working capital

Alternative business financing or what is better known as a Merchant Cash Advance is one option that can be very beneficial for a small to mid-sized business looking for alternative fast small business loans. A Merchant Cash Advance is a purchase of the businesses future credit card sales at a discount and is repaid by the businesses credit card sales.

These hassle-freeĀ bad credit small business loan alternatives provide a small business and entrepreneur with the funding needed to make a start in this tight economy.

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