How To Increase Your Online Holiday Sales

Posted Thursday, November 08 2012 by admin

Once a revolutionary experience, online shopping is now an everyday convenience that many people rely on for a large portion of their holiday shopping. Although the ritual of sitting behind of a laptop or PC is still a preferred shopping method for most, shoppers purchasing via mobile devices continues to increase year after year. With the introduction of personal tablets and smartphones, shopping anywhere and everywhere has never been easier.

According to Google, 41% of holiday shoppers who used a smartphone to research products actually purchased directly with their phone. Now more than ever it is incredibly important to make sure that your web presence is translated well across all mobile platforms, including phones, tablets and even video game consoles with internet connectivity.

Want to increase your online holiday sales this season? We’ve got some tips to keep you in the know!

  • Offer free shipping!
  • Before the busy season, make sure your website is optimized for most mobile devices.
  • Count down the days to major holidays to help your shoppers during crunch time gift buying.
  • Ensure that you or your tech support is alert and able to act quickly during peak online shopping times to offer prompt customer support to your shoppers.
  • Offer above and beyond customer service complete with a toll free number, online chat option and easily accessible email address.
  • Always make sure that your inventory is stocked properly. 1st Merchant Funding (1-866-710-BANK) can help you prepare for the influx of holiday shoppers this season. Let us provide you with working capital to build your inventory to ensure the most successful season ever.


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