Health Conscious Customers Look Toward Businesses Offering Organic Options

Posted Wednesday, January 30 2013 by admin


Now more than ever consumers are looking for healthier options to better the way they live. One of the most important ways people are looking to do this is through their diet and keeping their food choices local and organic. Whether it’s at a restaurant, smoothie shop or vitamin store, consumers want to know what they are putting into their bodies are pure and unprocessed. While offering organic choices is not the only way to provide your

customers with well-balanced choices, using fruits and veggies that are grown by people in your own community has a feel good effect beyond eating right.

Customers will take note of your effort to provide higher quality products which can aid in bringing in more consistent business from the healthy conscious. Here are some ways that you can incorporate local and organic options which will ultimately drive business:


Shopping at Farmer’s Markets

Most major cities have large farmer’s markets that provide the freshest local produce in large quantities. Often times these markets carry items special to your region and hard to find items. Superfoods such as acai berries, tea, salmon, blueberries and soy can also be found fresh at these markets giving you inspiration for your next delicious dinner special or brunch menu.


Farm to Table Approach

Sometimes if your community already supports small local gardens it is easy to form relationships with farmers who will sell directly to your restaurant. Through offering this to your customers, they are able to enjoy produce that is locally grown and typically free of harsh pesticides. Learn more about farm to table here: The Financialist

CSA Produce Boxes

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a locally supported program developed by farmers to reach individuals with their fresh produce. The CSA Box is a container with a selection of the farmer’s best harvest delivered every week. The selection  can vary week to week, keeping your menu fresh and your cusomers excited to come back for more. Learn more about CSA’s here: Local Harvest

Proper Marketing & Display

Offering local organic products is only beneficial to your customers and your business if you market and inform that you are doing so in the proper way. Your menus, advertising and website should all reflect your choice to buy and serve local quality food.



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