No More ‘Borders’ for Small Business

Posted Monday, August 01 2011 by admin

In the wake of the recent liquidation file by Borders Group, small business owners will feel a sigh of relief as they now have an opening and gap to build their own independent bookstore business, that at one point was shadowed by the giant mega players.

Small bookstores now have a chance to re-enter the market and continue selling books and other merchandise to the public.  The independent bookstores have had it tough for a long time as competition with large bookstores and electronic books flooded the market.

The ‘indie bookstore’ can now fill the void left by Borders in the book scene. This is a very opportune time for small businesses to harness the now emptier market, left by Borders and create more jobs and commerce and consequently help and cure the dour economic situation.

However, small businesses do have hurdles to overcome; they require working capital to start or expand their business and move into the areas that Borders have left empty and void.

Many small Business owners do not qualify for loans and instead need other forms of working capital; alternative business loans for bad credit is just one of them. Small businesses are now able to obtain much needed working capital via these unsecured business loan alternatives.

The small business will be injected with fresh working capital that they can use to their benefit, rebuilding the ‘indie’, (independent) bookstore chain.  These no credit check small business loan alternatives work wonders for a small to mid-sized business and are great alternative business financing solutions in this current tight market.

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