Retail Space Recovery: How To Spruce Up Your Store

Posted Tuesday, December 11 2012 by admin

Sometimes a quick coat of paint, a deep clean or even a new shelf or two can make a store feel fresh and new. But sometimes it can take a lot more than just a little elbow grease to make all of the updates that your retail space may need. Whether you’re looking for an extra $10,000, $25,000 or even $50,000, 1st Merchant Funding can help you acquire the capital you need to give your shop the facelift it needs to stay competitive.


A retail remodel can usually bring a 5 to 10 percent increase in sales according to To help you get started on your retail remodel, we’ve put together a list of projects that can give your store some much needed changes.

1.) Install Lighting

In order to make your products looks appealing it’s important to use lighting to highlight certain important areas of the store while ensuring that the sales floor is well lit from all angles. Thorough lighting can also help to prevent theft.

2.) Shelving

Installing great shelving, on the sales floor and in inventory storage, means less clutter. By reducing clutter and reorganizing stock, your store can appear bigger and allows shoppers to have a more pleasurable shopping experience.

3.) Cashwrap and POS

Upgrading or investing in a new POS can help to organize customer information and track sales goals. A cashwrap is often a focal point for the entire store so a sturdy, appealing area for transactions to take place can instantly spruce up any store.

4.) Paint

A professional paint job is often a quick way to give most anything a facelift. Go beyond just a fresh coat and look into a mural or even a custom sign for the outside of the store.

5.) Overall Accent Décor

Turn your retail space into more than just a quick shopping trip for your customer – turn it into an experience. A couch in the changing area, seating for brave boyfriends, and even hip wall hangings can keep customers coming back.

6.) Purchasing More Inventory

Ramping up inventory for busy seasons such as the holidays gives you an edge over your competitors and keeps your sales floor full.

7). Marketing/Advertising

Running a local ad or even creating a larger advertising campaign can give your store new life and put you in the forefront of your customers mind.

8). Expansion

The ultimate way to grow within the retail sector is by expanding either your current location or opening up a second or even a third! Expanding your retail brand gives your business the opportunity to reach more people with more product.



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