Small Businesses Hitting their Growth Spurt

Posted Wednesday, August 03 2011 by admin

The health of the small business sector is on the improve as the latest reports show an increase in small business financing hitting its highest levels in more than 3 years.

The report indicates a 25 percent growth in small business financing since last June, across all industries and lenders including bad credit business loan alternatives.

The news comes at an ideal time after worries with the debt deal and how it may impact the economy. Small Businesses have been working tirelessly through the economic downturn and the results are starting to show.

This is also great news for the economy as small businesses make up a majority of employment and have a direct impact on restoring the economy. There are over 27 million small businesses in the United States and the news of increased financing can only mean good news and a positive forecast for the economy.

With traditional business loans in short supply, many small businesses have been financed by bad credit small business loan alternatives that provide immediate working capital for small businesses to grow, expand and create opportunities for the future.

There are still many struggling businesses fighting to stay afloat and are finding finance through poor credit business loan alternatives. 1st Merchant Funding is an example of a company that provide poor credit small business loan alternatives by advancing lump sum cash amounts in exchange for a businesses’ future credit card sales.

These unsecured business loan alternatives create more growth and increase the lifespan of many small businesses in a tight economy.

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