The Launch of PowerForce Point of Sale!

Posted Thursday, June 24 2010 by admin

Point of Sale
1st Merchant Funding is proud to introduce our new division, PowerForce Point of Sale!

Our focus is on the Hospitality Industry and have put together equipment packages that represent the best value on the market currently. We are currently servicing the following industries:

* Small Restaurant
* Medium Restaurant
* Franchise Restaurant
* Corporate Restaurant
* Pizza
* Chinese
* Mexican/Spanish
* Take-out

Introductory Seminar
PowerForce Point of Sale will be conducting weekly webinars on point of sale. We will be offering an Introduction to POS on Friday, June 25th.

Friday June 25th 1:30PM
Dial 805-309-0011 Access 444-214-721

Friday June 25th 3:00PM
Dial 312-878-0207 Access 724-682-993

From that point forward we will be hosting our agent webinars on every Tuesday at 12:00 PM EST. In our introduction we will cover the following topics:

* Why to offer POS as part of your merchant package?
* POS Anatomy 101
* POS vs Standard Computer
* Basic POS Components
* PCI Compliance and POS
* Why PowerForce POS is different.

Future Topics will include inventory and business reporting, advanced system design, advanced POS Peripherals, online ordering and much more. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars. Please contact Adam Sikora at or 305-517-3950 with any questions.

Turn-Key Solution
PowerForce Point of Sale has been designed from the ground up as a turn key solution to your merchant’s needs. Our software, Aldelo for Restaurants, is extremely capable and flexible, allowing us to tailor the application to the exact specifications required. Packages come with basic menu configuration and include all software necessary to be PCI Compliant. All systems are configured at our office, then shipped to your merchant ready to be used out of the box.

Keep your Merchant Processor
PowerForce POS Solutions come with optional EDC modules allowing you to keep your processing partner. We currently offer EDC modules for the following networks:

* Paymentech
* Global East
* RBS Worldpay
* T-Sys/Vital
* Sterling Payment
* First Data Buypass
* First Data South
* Mercury Payment
* Merchant Warehouse
* And more….

Why PowerForce POS?
PowerForce POS represents simplicity. We will provide a free demonstration of the software for your merchant and help them understand what they need for their business. Our hardware has been proven in some of the toughest environments possible including Dillards, Outback Steakhouse, Cheesecake Factory and Caesar’s Palace. Our Software, Aldelo for Restaurants, is currently deployed in over 50,000 locations throughout the country and has proven itself to be an industry leader. To complete the package we include one year of Kaspersky internet security and full PCI Compliance assistance including network scanning, PCI SAQ, Network Policy Builder and Security Training. Our service plans start with automated offsite backup and upgrades and go all the way up to $50,000 PCI Breach Protection.

Designed to Generate Revenue
PowerForce POS has structured our pricing system to allow flexibility for our agents. We advertise a price above the agent cost and allow agents to charge up to the listed MSRP for the equipment. Our agents will receive the difference between their cost and what is charged to the merchant. With our flexible payment options, you will be able to provide a high end solution for your client at a competitive price without sacrificing your own profits.

***Earn up to $30,000+ per month in commissions!***

Hardware Features
* 5 Year Service Life
* Small Footprint(16″x16″)
* Fast Printer(23 lines/sec)
* Water Resistant Touchscreen
* Low Power Consumption(120w)
* Optional MSR, WiFi & Customer Display
* Optional RAID-1 Data Security
* Wall-Mountable

Software Features
* 100% Touch Operated
* Built-in Multi-Language Support
* Hostess and Reservation manager
* Carry-out & Drive Thru manager
* Detailed Reporting
* Employee Timecard
* Pizza Builder
* Quick Service Mode
* Customer Manager
* Complete Inventory Management
* Multiple floor management
* Full Cashier Support

Optional Modules
* Fingerprint Server
* Kitchen Display Server
* EDC Server
* Financial Integrator
* Gift Card Server
* Wireless Server

Contact Us Today
Our main offices are open Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. through 5:30 P.M. Contact us today at 1-866-710-2265 for more information or for a quote.

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