Success Story: by Chyrisse Crisp, owner of A Place 2 Go a Caribbean-American restaurant in Westchester, NY

Funding: $200,000+

The opportunity

“I was a marketing director in corporate America. My company was relocating and I didn’t want to move. My husband was a chef, so we thought about opening a restaurant – putting our two strengths together and build our dream. We opened A Place 2 Go – a Caribbean American restaurant – and needed to make sure we could invest in innovative marketing and advertising programs, plus update the menu frequently to keep increasing our customer base.”


The challenges

“Requesting capital from a bank isn’t easy. It requires a lot of paperwork and is a long drawn out process which I don’t like and I didn’t have the time for it.”


How 1st Merchant Funding helped

“Getting a cash advance from 1st Merchant Funding was much easier than going through a bank – simple and straightforward.

The terms we were offered are very manageable. And the customer service has been very pleasant. When I speak to them, they know who I am and really show they care about my restaurant’s success.”

The results

“With the cash we received, we’ve been able to expand our menu offerings and have brought more customers in with our new advertisements.

I would absolutely recommend 1st Merchant Funding. They are wonderful!”


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